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Integrate, Analyze, Visualize, Automate.

Any Messaging System. Any REST service. Any Database.

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Transform Messages into Business Value

Intercept any Message Flow

Intercept any message flow on any messaging system without touching the original application.

Analyze & Automate

Process, analyze, automate in realtime - independent from your original messages.

Visualize your Business

Visualize the data of your business application live, in histories, timelines, and process views on ready to use dashboards

Flow Director and SwiftMQ - this Combo rocks!

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Realtime Process Mining included

The Nervous System of your Business, LIVE

Flow Director plugs into your message flow and generates a process model of your business application in realtime. Monitor and manage the nervous system, get alerted when something happens, and take immediate action.

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Integrate Everything

Flow Director can integrate any messaging system in- and outbound. It provides access to databases as well as to any other system that offers a REST API. Plus - it offers a REST API itself so you can expose any flow as a secure web service. And all this by simple drag and drop of flow components. No coding!

The Flow Director Platform

You develop your logic by connecting components to flows, graphically without coding. Chose from a set of component libraries for any use case. Then connect, deploy and activate. View the messages live and inspect their content while they travel through your components.

Scale to your needs as Flow Director can give you a whole network of deployment nodes at your fingertips, all done from a single orchestration screen, no config file hassle.

How it works

Based on SwiftMQ

Flow Director extends the open source messaging system SwiftMQ by taking control over SwiftMQ's internal microservice platform SwiftMQ Streams and uses its full capabilities.

Flow Director can be connected to an existing SwiftMQ network but can also run fully separate.

It is not required that you run SwiftMQ as your messaging system!

Implemented with Flows

All logic will be created graphically by connecting components to flows. No coding. Flows run event-driven and independent in their own transactional context within a SwiftMQ router. A true microservice.

Flows are orchestrated within the whole connected SwiftMQ router network. They are deployed, activated, deactivated, undeployed and updated from a central, web-based orchestration panel.

Organized in Apps

A Flow Director App is an isolated application that contains all flows and dashboards and all authentication information that belong to this app. A user logs into an app, not into Flow Director.

Apps can be exported and imported by drag and drop. It is easy to perform backups or to transfer it from a development into a test or production environment or just share it with others.

The Flow Director Architecture - easy to use and it scales!

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Some great Apps included

Warehouse Simulation

This is a simulation of an online shop (warehouse) consisting of 2 parts: The actual application with store, customers, producers, shippers, accounting and the flows that intercept these application messages to generate dashboard data.

It should demonstrate how easy it is to intercept messages between application components without touching them and to turn this into a complete business visualization.


A modern web-based application that replaces SwiftMQ Explorer, the administration tool that comes with SwiftMQ's commercial products only.

It can be used to administer the SwiftMQ router network connected to Flow Director.

Router Monitoring

This app collects states and metrics of all nodes in the connected SwiftMQ router network and displays it in dashboards with current, history and timeline charts. It is perfect to show on Network Operation Center screens.

States can be observed and alerts can be generated to inform administrators.

Prometheus / Grafana Metrics

Companies that have standardized their central system monitoring on Grafana want to display SwiftMQ metrics here too.

This app collects states and metrics of all nodes in the connected SwiftMQ router network and provides it as Prometheus native format through a REST route to display it in a Grafana dashboard.

Sydney Public Transport Sample

This app demonstrates how to use Flow Director for use cases where assets (like buses, trucks) report their coordinates so that positions can be tracked and displayed on maps, like in fleet applications.

The Sydney Public Transport Sample App displays buses, ferries and trains in Sydney and New South Wales in quasi realtime on maps. The data is collected via REST from the Open Data portal of the Australian government.


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All features enabled.

Single custom app.

Single SwiftMQ router.

Non-production use. help_outline

Basic support.

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All features enabled.

Up to 3 custom apps.

Up to 3 SwiftMQ routers.

Production use.

Professional support.

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All features enabled.

Unlimited custom apps.

Unlimited SwiftMQ routers.

Production use.

Professional support.

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Technology Partners


Founded by the team that built Apache Kafka®, Confluent created an event streaming platform that enables companies to access data as real-time streams easily.

Flow Director tightly integrates with the Confluent platform, ksqlDB, and Apache Kafka in general.

Red Hat

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies.

Flow Director tightly integrates with Red Hat's messaging products such as JBoss A-MQ and the open-source variants ActiveMQ and Artemis.


SwiftMQ by IIT Software is a very mature open source enterprise messaging platform that exists for more than two decades. It natively supports JMS, AMQP, and MQTT and is highly scalable due to its federated router network.

Flow Director uses the integrated SwiftMQ Streams microservice platform as its runtime engine.

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