Install and start Flow Director in 2 Minutes


Request your License

To buy a commercial production license please use or create an account.

To request a free license use the button below and we will send you an eMail with your license key.



You need at least Java 8 (1.8.0) or higher installed on your machine. Verify it by executing:.

java -version


Download Flow Director

Download the latest Flow Director 2.1.1 distribution and unpack it:

tar.gz (Unix/Linux/MacOS)

zip (Windows)


Start Flow Director

Open a terminal shell and go to the Flow Director's distribution directory "scripts".

On Unix/Linux/MacOS execute:


On Windows execute:


Flow Director is now up and running.



Flow Director has a startup delay of 20 seconds so please wait a moment. Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080

You should see Flow Director's splash screen. Press START.

Enter the license into the license box and continue.


Create or Install Apps

Please consult the Quick Start Guide on how to create your own app or to install an app from the Flow Director Repository.


Get Help

If you need any help: Have a look at our video library, our documentation, connect with us through our Help Center or send us an eMail.

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