Realtime Process Mining by Flow Director

View your business processes LIVE. Identify bottlenecks. Take action. Immediately.

Why Realtime Process Mining?

Typically, we look at message-based applications as a number of clients, services, messages, queues, topics, backlogs. There is no semantic connection between them that puts the business process - for example, a customer order in an order processing system - in focus.

Business processes have a defined start, move through several stages until the process finishes, i.e., from getting an order to receiving the payment. Realtime Process Mining is a technology that tracks these stages by intercepting the message flows of a business system and creates a dynamic process model.

This live process model allows to intervene into the process flow when required and to optimize variants if needed.

Process Analyzer

Easy to Setup and Integrate

Add a Process Analyzer flow component, connect it to your queues or topics, and configure business key and stage name properties.

You can use local destinations as well as destinations from any other messaging system like Kafka. It is also possible to gather events from REST services, expose a webhook and push it via REST, or poll databases.

Create a dashboard, add a Process Viewer, connect it to the Process Analyzer and you are all set.

Process Automation

Consider the Process Analyzer as the brain of your business application as it contains all states and data of your business processes.

To automate your business on base of this data, you can act on events that you can define for stages, links, and alerts. And you can also directly access the internal process model through various components.

Process Automation
Process Model

Live Process View

A realtime process model gives you a whole new view of your business system. You see - live - the most used paths of your model and all variants.

A process view provides you many data like total throughput, processes in transit, KPIs, and processing times. You can get alerts when processes stay for too long at stages and can act immediately.

Process Analyzer

Process View

Data Privacy

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