IoT Edge and Cloud Integration with Flow Director

Six Reasons to choose Flow Director.


Connect your Devices with the Industry Standard Protocol MQTT

Flow Director is based and includes the enterprise messaging system SwiftMQ. It supports the industry standard protocol MQTT.

Just connect if your devices support MQTT. If they use field bus protocols like PROFIBUS, use an IoT gateway to translate between field bus and MQTT.


Process, Analyze, and Visualize with Flows and Dashboards

Your devices send their data to MQTT topics where you can receive, process, and analyze it with our powerful flows, created with a wide-range of predefined flow components. No code.

Create beautiful dashboards with many different charts available to visualize your device data.


Monitor, Alert, Control, and Automate

Use the analytics data to monitor your devices and send alerts when human interactions are required.

Control your devices and automate processes between devices by sending MQTT messages back to them.


Automatic Device Provision in IoT Clouds

Flow Director can automatically provision your devices at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP. You do not need to change anything as it is completely done in the background.

You can directly send your device data to the cloud or can aggregate / preprocess it to save cloud costs. It is your choice and provides you the flexibility you need.


Integrate with Everything

Connect your industrial devices with your business and push your production data directly into other messaging system or vice versa.

Flow Director integrates with all on-premise and cloud messaging systems like IBM MQ, IBM Cloud, Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud, JMS, AMQP, MQTT. The sky is the limit.


Scale-up without affecting your License Costs

Simply start with Flow Director which includes a single SwiftMQ node. You are set for 1000+ devices without problems. Add more SwiftMQ nodes to serve more devices. You can even run SwiftMQ directly on your IoT gateway if it supports Docker.

SwiftMQ is open source and will not increase license costs so you can run as many SwiftMQ nodes you want.

Let's discuss your Project

We are sure, Flow Director will turn your next IoT project into big success!

If you are interested, just send us an eMail to discuss it further.

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